These are the Main Services That I Offer:

Business, Cultural Training, and Language Services:
On South Korea, including intercultural training on South Korean, US, and German cultures.  I work with international assignees and their families, as well as local businesses for their global assignments. I work with organizations that need cultural intelligence and DEI training programs. In addition, I provide Korean language interpretation and translation services for individuals and agencies. 
Korean Cooking and Well-Being Programs for Individuals and Corporations: 
I have taught Korean cooking classes at schools, libraries, community organizations, public markets and special events as well as at global companies.  I focus on healthy Korean cooking with a focus on self care and wellness, incorporating South Korean culinary traditions. 
Teaching Artist on Traditional Korean Drumming:
In the US and currently in Germany, I offer educational workshops and classes with Korean folk music, specifically percussion traditions.  This is one of my fun work projects where I engage with the youth, including babies and high school students, who learn about the unique musical rhythms and songs of South Korea.

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