Business, Cultural Training, and Language Services

Business and Cultural Training

I consult and train on intercultural communication, cultural awareness and cultural adjustment for organizations to prepare their employees and accompanying families working and living abroad, specifically in South Korea, the USA, and Germany.  Having spent my childhood in South Korea, Vietnam, and Kenya, I eventually moved to the United States with my family.  After relocating to Germany with my spouse and teenage children in 2019, I have further gained a deep understanding of being a foreigner in a new culture and personally experienced a challenging cultural adjustment process. As a former trailing or “passive” spouse to Germany, I understand how difficult and isolating it can be to navigate a new country.
I totally enjoy my work as an intercultural trainer for global companies and partner with intercultural training agencies to facilitate, lead and educate as a thoughtful, supportive, and experienced trainer and South Korea specialist.  I have worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Kimberly Clark as well as with other major consulting firms in Europe and the US.  My training seminars and programs are offered in English and Korean, focusing on the relevant and unique needs of the client. Previously, as an international educator and administrator at the University of Illinois and University of Georgia, I also possess over 10 years of experience with complex US immigration matters, international student issues and globalization efforts at American universities. 
Feel free to reach out for your individual or business needs as you or your employee are getting ready to move to and experience a new culture and country.  If your company needs training on DE&I strategies or programs for your employees or leadership team, I am available to assist and offer my services.  As an Asian American trainer with a unique perspective on DE&I, I look forward to addressing your specific programs. I will be ready to help you succeed in your intercultural, inclusive and global adventure.  

Korean Language Services

I offer interpretation and translation services from Korean to English, and vice versa. As a trained medical and court interpreter from Wisconsin, USA, I am currently offering language services from Germany, in person or remotely, via telephone or video, for general, educational, business, medical, and legal interpreting.  I interpret for business meetings, legal depositions, medical appointments, factory tours, lectures, international exhibitions, and family-private meetings for individual clients. Some of the businesses I collaborated with are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hitek Equipment, GSK Pharmaceuticals, Korean Language Schools in Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Courts, Milwaukee City Government, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin hospitals and social service agencies. As a freelancer, I work directly with businesses or collaborate with language service agencies worldwide. 

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