Saehee has two blog spots. The first is an overview of her travels in South Korea. Here you can gain first-hand insight into Korean street food, cultural norms, and interesting landmarks. A great blog to visit if you want to get a local overview of South Korea!

The second blog is about her time in Germany, and what it is like to move from the United States as a Korean-American to Germany. She covers topics such as self-care, culture shock, and driving in Germany.

Kosari Kimchi

Kosari Kimchi is homemade and produced by Saehee in Nürnberg.  After moving to Germany, Saehee restarted her small food business Kosari Kimchi when she was adjusting to a new life here. 


The Kimchi follows a generational recipe passed down to her by her Korean Grandmother. Saehee makes both the original version as well as an adapted version which is fit for vegan and vegetarian consumers.


For more info, please visit one of the websites below:

Saehee's Favorite Korean Cookbooks

Below is a list of some of Saehee’s best picks when it comes to Korean cookbooks. These books highlight Korean cuisine, Korean chefs, and simple recipes that you can follow at home. Click on any of the book titles below to buy them from Amazon:

Korean Food Shopping - Nürnberg and Erlangen (Germany)

If you live in Nürnberg or Erlangen, Saehee recommends these stores to buy the best Korean food and ingredients:

Go Asia

Königstraße 14 (im U-Bahnhof Lorenzkirche)

90402 Nürnberg


Want Want

Nürnberger Straße 60A

91052 Erlangen

Go Asia (Above)
Want Want (Above)

Articles and Interviews About Saehee

Here are the Articles and Interviews about Saehee and her work from the USA and Germany. Click on any of the images to read the article/interview:


Milwaukee Independent: "Saehee Chang: Connecting Cultures"
On Milwaukee: "Konnecting through Kimchi, South Korea's national dish"
WUWM Podcast: "The Importance of Cross Cultural Education Beyond the Olympics"
English Post Nuremberg: " Cultural Connections through K-Food"
The Germany Experience: "Using your own culture to integrate in Germany"

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