Hi! My Name is Saehee Chang

I am a creative, consultant, educator, and trainer on South Korea and collaborate with a large number of clients on Korean culture, (which includes Korean cooking and traditional folk drumming), global corporate programs and language services.  I also offer intercultural training based on my work and life experiences in Germany and the United States. 
I was born in Seoul and fortunate to spend my childhood years in Vietnam, Kenya, and the United States. In 2019, my family moved to Germany to start a new life and cultural adventure. We were eager to expose our children to Germany and European ways.  I am still learning about our interconnected world and navigating various cultural situations in Germany.  Despite facing culture shock and difficulties during our international move, I have been able to successfully recreate my small Kimchi business, cooked with refugees struggling in Germany, taught Korean drumming to babies, kindergarteners, and high school students from diverse backgrounds, and prepared IT managers on their international assignments to South Korea.  
I am passionate and proud about sharing my culture as a Korean American educator with a special talent for creating meaningful, compassionate and international connections wherever I am.  Please reach out if you would like to collaborate with me. Let’s keep making the world a more compassionate, open and  intercultural place! 

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